Bungeoppang (붕어빵) or Fish shaped waffle

Bungeoppang (붕어빵) is very tasty eaten during cold season like now in autumn..yummy. Hence, it is best tried right from the stove. When it is hot and steamy the taste is the best! In Japan you may call it Taiyaki. The shape is like a fish and stuffed with sweet red bean filling. 

Which part of Bungeoppang (붕어빵) do you eat first, head or tail ?

If you have had one before, tell me how did you eat it? For me, I love to eat from the tail because I like to leave the best part last - sweet red bean filling or because I love to eat the crunchy part first? Maybe. ^^ Do you know that a questionnaire has been done to determine your personality based on how you eat bungeoppang (붕어빵)? I know it's ridiculous but it's true! Hahaha...

More explanation about bungeoppang (붕어빵) from Wikipedia 

I had the chance to buy Bungeoppang (붕어빵) mold from G-Market last May before going back to Malaysia and only now thinking of making some for my nephew. I know I'm lazy..hahaha. The mold cost about 15,000 to 18,000 won if I'm not mistaken.

My nephew Aiman with the Bungeoppang (붕어빵) mold. It was still
in the box since May and only now I use it. ㅋㅋㅋ

This is not the proper ingredients but it worked! I added an
egg to get the crunchy result.

My first failed attempt. I didn't listen to my mother's advice.
Served me right! _ _^


Glorious!! Yeah!

Check out on this article about Korean street food. I have tried all the food suggested except for Hoppang. 
KNTO writes about tasty Korean winter snacks here.

Watch this video on how to make Bungeoppang (붕어빵).

Lotte World - Part 2

There is also a game arcade for kids. So, kids who can't enjoy the adventure
rides because of their heights, could turn on to other things.

Riding the giant balloon, you could see the indoor architecture from
above and I could see why is the favourite among couples..ehem!

From the top of the world!..er..rather from the giant balloon ^^

We were the three people at the back seat. I wish I knew where they
stationed their cameras..aigoo. I couldn't remember how I posed
myself...hahaha..You could get this picture printed for memory.

We missed the first parade so had to wait about 3 hours for another
one. Make sure you get the schedule of events for the day, before
you start enjoying your games/or rides. So, you won't miss the parade
or performances like us!

They showered the audiences with fake snow and invited everybody
to join the fun!

One hot kitty!

Trying out the cup ride where the YongSo couple from We
Got Married variety show had their first date.

Many people queue up for this too.

Eating some snack. Cookies with custard filling and churros-the 
longer one. 

Churros and the custard cookies.

Churros, sometimes referred to as a Spanish doughnut, are fried-dough pastry-based snacks, sometimes made from potato dough, that originated in Spain. They are also popular in Latin AmericaFrancePortugalMorocco, the United StatesAustralia, and Spanish-speaking Caribbean islands. There are two types of churros in Spain. One is thin (and usually knotted) and the other, especially popular in Madrid, is long and thick (porra). They both are normally eaten for breakfast dipped in hot chocolate. (Source: Wikipedia)

Almost like Disneyland..almost.

The three of us in the fish eyed mirror enjoying the swings.

Cute eh? I think autumn is the best time to come here. The weather
is cool and not so many visitors.

One peace of me! ^^

After that we headed towards the Lotte food court just next to Lotte
World and ate Dwenjang jjigae, nakkji bokkeum and this very 
delicious fish that I couldn't remember the name.

Tut enjoying her nakkji bokkeum - squid cooked in spicy sauce
just like sambal sotong in Malaysia.

Our spread..yummy.

Check out Lotte World - Part 1 for the details of Lotte World.

Lotte World - Part 1

Lotte World has Magic Land (outdoor) and Adventure Land (indoor) to choose. If you really love theme parks, spend one day at least to enjoy all the rides.

I went to Lotte World with my friends early November 2009 where the school holiday season has not started. We purposely chose that date to avoid the crowds. Otherwise we need to queue so long just to try one game or ride. So, choose your date wisely before you visit Korea. Peak season = everything more expensive compared to non peak season.

School Holidays in Korea
In South Korea, the school year is divided into two terms. The first term runs from early March to late August with the summer vacation from mid-July to mid-August (elementary and secondary schools) and from mid-June to late August (higher education institutions). The second term usually resumes in late August and runs until early February. The winter break is from early February to early March. (Source: Wikipedia) 

Check here for Korea Public Holiday 

Entrance of Lotte World. A lot of old people love relaxing in here.

A lot of travel information in here and we grabbed a discount book
in Seoul too. We go 20% discount to Lotte World at the time.

Ticket counter. Lotte World is full with couples. 

Our ticket 28,000 won on 6th of November 2009. 
Surprisingly the weather was not that cold compared to other 
days when we were there.

It was Lotte World 20 years anniversary in 2009.

We were not so sure where we should go, but we followed the
crowds based on our instincts.

We were right! The left says Lotte World and the right says
Adventure (Korean pronunciation - eodebencho)

The theme was Christmas and it was beautifully decorated
according to season.

Figure skating rink was just one level below us. We came real early 
so the place was not so crowded.

I really heart gondola ride. Felt like flying on air. 
So, this was the first ride I asked my friends
to try. I told them it was the least scary compared to other rides.
But...I didn't know that they were scared of this too!! Hahaha..
Did they cry? I couldn't remember..I'm sorry my friends _ _ ^

They also have stage performance but you must check the schedule.

The giant loop.

This is the ride filmed in Stairways to Heaven starring Choi Ji Woo
and Kwon Sang Woo

Part 2 will be coming later...

Check out this article by KNTO.
Lotte World Official Website.

How to go to Lotte World
Jamsil Station, Green, Line 2, Exit 4

Meanwhile..enjoy this video by deck2233

Click here for discount coupon

How to budget for 7 days in Korea?

I would say you could make do with RM1,200 (~400,000 won) for ground arrangement - lodging, food, transportation in Seoul and admission tickets.

  1. This budget is without flight ticket and shopping budget. 
  2. Flight fare will depend on which airline and the date you choose to fly ; season or off season.
  3. This itinerary does not cover for places out of Seoul except for Nami Island. 
  4. For Busan, Gyeongju, Jeju Island and ski or snowboarding trip, you may need more expenses. 
  5. Price may change. 
7 days budget (for one person)

Day 1 -  Subway from Incheon Airport to Seoul = 4,800 won 
             (Optional: Limousine bus 14,000 won )
             Guest house stay 6 nights, dormitory style - 20,000 x 6 = 120,000
             T-Money for 7 days - 20,000 won + 3,000 won (deposit) = 23,000
             Jjimjilbang - 12,000 won
             Breakfast/lunch/dinner - 15,000 won
             Tips: You can get a fulfilling decent meal for 5,000 won and rest your 
             bones at jjimjilbang for a change. ^^

Day 2 -  Gyeongbok palace / Chandeok palace - 3,000 won
             Cheongye Stream
             Breakfast/lunch/dinner - 15,000 won
             Tips: If you visit Chandeok palace, you can just walk to Insadong, 
             Jongno, Cheongye Stream and Gwanghamun

Day 3 -  Namdaemun
             Namsan Tower and Cable car - 15,000 won
             Breakfast/lunch/dinner - 15,000 won
             Tips: Visit Namdaemun first early morning and try to go in weekday, 
             then go to Myeongdong and after that walk up the hill to Namsan Cable 
             Car Station

Day 4 -  Everland / Lotte World - 35,000 won
             Breakfast/lunch/dinner - 15,000 won
             Tips: Lotte World is in Seoul while Everland is in Yongin. So, you have 
             to take a shuttle bus to Everland and prepare to go out early from 
             your guesthouse.

Day 5 -  Nami Island - 15,000 won
             Breakfast/lunch/dinner - 15,000 won
             Tips: Go early in the morning to Nami Island because you need to take 
             an hour and a half train to Gapyeong Station. You could visit Seoul 
             Mosque in Itaewon and after that go to Dongdaemun in late evening 
             because shopping in Dongdaemun preferably be done at night.

Day 6 -  DMZ - 50,000 - 70,000 won (depends on package)
             Yeoido park
             Hangang Cruise - 9,000 won / 63 Building (Sky Art, Sea World, IMAX 
             theater, Wax Museum)
             KBS/MBC tour (walking distance from Yeoido Park)
             Breakfast/lunch/dinner - 15,000 won
             Tips: DMZ is the border between South Korea and North Korea. 

Day 7 -  Final shopping day
             Breakfast/lunch/dinner - 15,000 won
             Subway from Seoul to Incheon Airport  = 4,800 won 
             (Optional: Limousine bus 14,000 won )

Estimated total: RM1,200 ~ 400,000 won
 (You can even lower your budget to less than RM1,000 if you exclude DMZ / 63 building)

Check out walking tour budget by KNTO here

Korea Online Contest

Click here for the contest

How To:
  1. Sign up for membership
  2. Login to VisitKorea website
  3. Answer the online quiz and play the online flash game (Jachigi) as much as you can; the more you play the higher the chances to win.
1st - 10 winner -  round trip ticket to Korea
2nd - 5 winner - magnet
         5 winner - chest inlaid with pearl 
         5 winner - lucky pouch
         5 winner - Korean doll

Jachigi is a game where a long stick and two short sticks is hit and caught. First, a circular hole is dug on the ground, and a circle is drawn on the outside. After placing a short stick around the outside of the hole, it is hit with the long stick, and the rebounding stick (the short one that was just hit), is hit again with the long stick in mid-air, sending it flying far away. Source: Wikipedia

Hmm..somewhat similar to Malaysian children's game too eh?  Konda kondi

From Lat's cartoon: Malaysian tradtional game. 

Click here for the article in Korean. Anyone care to translate? 

My Girlfriend is a Gumiho

I just finished watching Korean drama 'My Girlfriend is a Gumiho' and my verdict: Two thumbs up!

What I like about 'My Girlfriend is a Gumiho' / 내 여친은 구미호?

  • The drama was superb at least for the first 10 episodes. Not many Korean dramas could sustain my interest till the end.
  • The hero is not that handsome (to my standard) as like other typical heroes in Korean drama. Hence, I think that it is almost similar to real life standard..Heheheh..no offence to Lee Seung Gi's fans.
  • The drama was written by the Hong sisters( Hong Jung Eun and  Hong Mi Ran ) who have written - You're beautiful, My Girl and Delightful Girl Chun Hyang. All these Korean dramas are my favourite!
  • Because it reminded me of Naruto - my cat or even the anime character Naruto who has a nine-tailed fox embedded into him. 
  • The chemistry between Lee Seung Gi and Shin Min Ah
  • Shin Min Ah was so gorgeous and cute!! (I rarely compliment other women's beauty and etc but she gets you deeper and deeper into the drama)
  • The villain...arghhhh..is he even human? He should remain as a goblin..^_^ How can a man be that pretty?!!
  • Even the side story; an ahjumma and ahjussi's love story was hilarious! *Check out the farting-in-the-elevator scene*

What's so interesting about Nine Tail fox? 
As per WikipediaThe kumiho (literally "nine tailed fox") is a creature that appears in the oral tales and legends of Korea,[1], and are akin to European faeries. According to those tales, a fox that lives a thousand years turns into a kumiho, like its Japanese and Chinese counterparts (the kitsune and the huli jing).[2] It can freely transform, among other things, into a beautiful girl often set out to seduce men, and eat their liver. There are numerous tales in which the kumiho appears. Several of those can be found in the encyclopedic Compendium of Korean Oral Literature (한국 구비문학 대계).

The drama is also known as My Girlfriend is a Nine-Tailed Fox.

Download at Medium Quality
Subtitle at WithS2
Soompi forum

There's a part in the drama where Lee Seung Gi and Shin Min Ah took a ferry cruise. It was shot near Hangang (Han River). Those who wants to take a cruise (night is recommended), check the details here

Benikea Hotels Contest in Korea

Benikea hotels (Korea Tourism) is currently running a contest. This is a great chance for you to get an opportunity to visit Korea for FREE!!

Win 1,200,000 Won!!

Contest Date: 15th October - 7th November 2010
Result Date: 8th November 2010

Contest Rules:
  1. Winner is determined by drawing lots
  2. Prize will be given in Won when winner enters Korea
  3. There will be a 22% tax deduction on the prize
  4. Cash is given after deduction of Benikea Hotels and airfare cost
Benikea Hotels listed in South Korea are:
  • Hotel Acacia - Seoul (near to Myeongdong, Namdaemun, Dongdaemun and Gwanghamun)
  • Permier Songdo Bridge Hotel - Incheon
  • Premier Incheon Royal Hotel - Incheon
  • Hotel Press - Busan
  • Gyungpo Beach Hotel - Gangwon-do
  • Hotel Savoy - Gyeongsangnam-do
  • Hotel Jeju Crystal - Jeju-do
Check the official website for the contest and accommodation booking: Benikea Hotel

Mi Hyeon in Malaysia: Part 2

After spending 2 weeks with my family, it's time to hit Kuala Lumpur.
This is Bukit Jalil LRT Station. We took bus from Kluang to Bukit Jalil.

In front of Central Market. You could buy Malaysian souvenirs here.

Loving Kuala Lumpur for the beautiful buildings
but it was sweltering hot that day.

Sultan Abdul Samad building. 

Met a Big Bang fans in Midvalley

We found this huge poster at National Museum.
I wish I could bring her to the Twin Tower bridge but
we didn't have time to queue as early as 6.30 for the
free pass. T_T

Old Railway Station which is turned into a hotel.

Inside National Mosque. I told her she looked like Hobbit in
Lord of the Rings Sequel.

Federal Mosque.

We met many tourist in National Mosque. The admission is
only MYR2 or 700 won.

Park Ji Sung!! Mi Hyeon lives in Suwon. Park Ji Sung just
bought a house in Suwon recently and there is a Park Ji Sung road
too in Suwon.

Visiting Rozie in Putrajaya where many beautiful government buildings
located. I think that Putrajaya is a MUST place to visit. The place rocks
during day or night.

Sarang hae! Hahaha...All my good friends trying the symbolic gestures
of love. Sorry Tut, I know you hate to do that..ekekeke..

Mi Hyeon cooked for us tteokpokki. It was delicious!!

What do you think of Malaysia? Beautiful too right? I'm proud being Malaysian..^^