Ski Resorts in South Korea : Gyeonggi-do

Konjiam Ski Resort
Official website

Konjiam Resort is easily accessible from Seoul Metropolitan Area
  • 40 minutes away from Gangnam, Seoul. 
  • largest ski trail in the Seoul Metropolitan Area, 
  • a condominium with 476 rooms, a spa, and wine cave. 
  • Operating the nation’s first slope membership system and its online reservation system. 
  • Overcome overcrowded ski slope problem by enforcing Korea’s first maximum occupancy rule - up to 7,000 guests.
  • Free shuttle bus is available

Contact: (031) 8026-5000

Magic Show at Konjiam Ski Resort
Directions :
Paid Shuttle Bus :
From exit 1 at Gangbyeon Station take bus number 1113-1, from exit 6 at Jamsil Station take number 500-1, OR From exit 3 of Gangnam Station take bus number 500-2. Get off at Gonjiam Terminal
After that, take a taxi to Konjiam Resort (ride 10~15 mins, about 8,000 to 10,000 won).
Gangbyeon and Gangnam station is in Line 2, Green.
Total travel time for one way ~ 2 hours

Free Shuttle Bus :
From Gangnam - For more information Or Reservation 02-739-0011
07:10 at Apgujeong Station (Exit No.6 / in front of the public parking lot)
07:30 at Gangnam Station (Exit No.3 / 200m away to mutual savings bank)

From Gangdong - For more information Or Reservation 031-798-5588
07:10 / 11:10 / 19:35 / 16:50 / 23:10 at Samseong Station (Exit No.1 / ‘NH’ Bank) 
07:20 / 11:20 / 19:45 / 17:00 / 23:20 at Jamsil Olympic Stadium Station (Exit No.1)

From Jung-gu - For more information Or Reservation 02-739-0011
07:00 Sinchon Station (Exit No.5 / in front of ‘Woori’Bank)
07:15 Gwanghwamun (in front of Sejong Center)
07:20 City Hall Station (Exit No.3 / away to the City Council Hall)
07:25 Itaewon (across the street ‘Crown’ Hotel)

For more information on free shuttle bus: Bus

Snowboarding lesson in Bear's Town

Bears Town Resort is located an hour away from Seoul

  • The only resort in the Seoul-Pocheon-Hwacheon line. 
  • The road to the resort rarely suffers from traffic during the winter season, unlike those in Gangwon Province, and its favorable location earned it the nickname, “Ski Resort for the Public.” 
  • Members who sign up on the website can purchase their lift tickets at the 40% discounted price. 
  • Free lift tickets are offered for every purchase of five tickets. 
  • Overnight ski program on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays. 
  • The ski slopes open at 4:00 AM. 
  • The ski slopes of this large-scale leisure resort have been officially approved by the International Ski Federation. 
  • Bears Town Resort is a great destination for beginners
  • Comprehensive rental system allows you to rent all the equipment you need. 
  • More experienced skiers will enjoy the FIS approved 88 Challenger Slope. 
  • It also offers snow sledding slopes which is ideal for family with small children.
  • Getting to Bears Town Resort from Seoul couldn’t be easier, as the resort provides a free shuttle bus (reservations required)

Contact: (031) 540-5000

Paid Shuttle Bus 

1-Take Bus No. 707 in front of Cheongnyangni train Station, and get off at Gwangneungnae. Change to bus No.7.5.1001 and get off at Bears Town Ski Resort. 

2-Take bus No. 1001 at Gangbyeon station(subway line 2) and get off at Bears Town Ski Resort. 

3-Take bus at Inchon, Su-won, An-san express bus terminal and get off at Naecheon. Change to bus No.5,7,33,1001 and get off at Bears Town Ski Resort. 
Only from Monday to Thursday

Free Shuttle Bus
For more information Or Reservation Seoul Geumsung Tour ( 02-741-2202 )

Jongno Area
0800 / 1600 / 1920 - Euljiro ipgu Station Exit 3, Korea Herald School Front
0805 / 1620 / 1925 - Jonggak Station Exit 4 Bosingak Front

Jamsil Area
0820 / 1620 / 1900 - Sports complex Station Exit 2 Front
0825 / 1625 / 1905 - Jamsil Station Lottemart, Lotteworld Front

Gangnam Area
1840 - Gangnam Station Exit 1 BusStation Front
0800 / 1610 - Gangnam Station Exit 3 Hanabank BusStation Front
1850 - Seolleung Station Shangjeri Building Front BusStation

Sinchon Area
0800 - City hall Station Deoksugung Deahanmun Front
0805 - Chungjeongno Station Exit 2

Jisan Forest Resort
Official website

Night Skiing and Snowboarding at Jisan

Located in Icheon, Gyeonggi-do Province, Jisan Forest Resort is close to Seoul and is especially suited for those looking for a one-day ski getaway.

  • There is an escalator for children and beginners. The new 6-person lift is equipped with heated seats for a warm, comfortable ride. 
  • Jisan Resort is popular among office workers who want to enjoy one-day ski trips during the weekdays since it is adjacent to Seoul. 
  • Operates a special parking lot that can accommodate over 200 cars for women
  • Operates diverse discount programs for people on their birthdays, freshmen, campus couples, young adults, gentlemen, and career women.
  • Provide free shuttle bus

Near to Icheon World Ceramic Center. Read my post here when I visited the Ceramic Center with Mi Hyeon.

Contact: (031) 638-8460

1.Bus runs every 20 minutes from Dong Seoul Bus Terminal to Icheon coach bus terminal. Then take Bus No. 12 from Icheon and get off at Jisan Resort.(40 min )
2.Take City Coach Bus No.9800 at Gangnam Station(exit No.3) or Yangjae Station(Yangjae bus station).
(between 9:00~13:00 every hour/ 15:00/16:00/17:30/19:00/20:00)

Free Shuttle Bus
Make reservation at the homepage but only if you have Korean friend to assist.
However, you can directly call to reserve a seat at 031-644-1390~2

Yangji Pine Resort
Yangji Pine Resort’s highest-grade ski run is the Challenger Course, where the yearly ‘National Alpine Ski Competition’ takes place.

  • Skiers can enjoy skiing day and night by using the free shuttles. 
  • This resort introduced the nation’s first mileage program, and 1.5% of the sales amount is accumulated as mileage. Mileages of over 5,000 points may be used like cash at the resort. 
  • Yangji Pine Resort also operates various discount programs, including 30% discounts on lift fees and 50% discounts on rental fees for volunteers and blood donors. 
  • The discount programs also target local residents, people on their birthdays, students, freshmen, soldiers, and couples visiting the resort on Valentine’s Day.
  • Many enjoyable programs for skiers and snowboarders, such as training courses, a snowboarding competition, and a snow-boarding show presented by pro riders.

Near to Everland and Yongin Korean Folk Village. Read my post on my visit to Yongin Korean Folk Village here.

Contact: (031) 338-2001

Paid shuttle bus:

1.From Seoul Nambu Terminal, take an express bus and get off at Yongin or Yangji (first 06:15 / last 20:10 / 20 min interval). Take a free shuttle bus there.
2.In front of Yongin Bus Terminal, take bus No. 10 or direct bus to Yangji (20 min ride). Then take a taxi to the ski resort (10 min ride).

Free Shuttle bus:
From Gangnam
0710 Chosun Hotel frontdoor
0750 / 1100 Apgujeong station exit 6
0810 / 1120 / 1600(only weekends) / 1820(only weekdays) Gangnam station exit 3
0820 / 1130 / 1620(only weekends) / 1830(only weekdays) Yangjae station exit 7

From Jamsil
0800 Samseong station exit 1
0820 Jamsil station, Lotte Mart

From Sinchon
0740 Sinchon station exit 5
0800 City Hall station exit 2

Click here for more information on free shuttle bus from Seoul
Click here for more information on free shuttle bus from Yongin

Free Skiing trend in Korea

Source: Gyeonggi do TourismKNTO and Youtube

How to register for Korean TOPIK Exam

I have been asked by an avid Korean language learner who happened to visit my blog on how I registered for the recent Korean Language TOPIK exam. Here's the step. However this may be applicable ONLY for Malaysians.

FYI, Korean TOPIK exam is held twice a year; April and September. Registration should be done 2 months ahead. For April, you should register in February and for September exam you should register in July. It's better for you to check either of the sites below for accurate registration dates.


All notification will be put up on both websites as above.
The exam will be done in Pusat Pengajian Bahasa dan Linguistik, UKM - Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia, Bangi, Selangor. Please bring 2 IC photos and RM80 for registration fee.

How to go :

From the North and South highway take Bangi exit. After that you will see the roundabout, take 12 o'clock exit. Then go straight and you will see another roundabout, take 3 o'clock exit. Go straight and you will find the entrance to UKM. Register yourself at the guard post and the security guard will guide you to Pusat Pengajian Bahasa & Linguistik.

Address: Pusat Pengajian Bahasa & Linguistik, FSSK, Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia, UKM, Bangi 43600, Selangor Darul Ehsan. Malaysia

Person in charged:

Ryu Seung Wan 03-8921-6556
Mrs. Haslina 03-8921-6476
Please call during office hours : 9am to 5pm.

Check my post on Korean TOPIK Exam to download past year's paper.

Culture Shock in Korea

By Luke Martin (

Initially I was not even bothered by these because I adapt myself well with different culture, but when I was in Korea long enough I realized that this need to be addressed because we are different! ^^

  1. Korean eat spicy food - I was a bit surprised to know that Korean eat spicy food at first. Knowing that their neighbour, the Japanese dislike spicy stuff and their food are somewhat bland. However, I fell in love with Korean delicacies the moment I tried Kimchi. Thank goodness that it was spicy. I can't live without spicy food.
  2. Korean like to be fairer and fairer - When the white prefer to look tanned, the Korean prefer to be fairer and fairer. Just look at their makeup products, they have a lot of whitening cremes and emulsions. Aren't they already fair?
  3. Mini skirt in winter - When I walked along the Myeongdong streets with Tut and Hanim; we were dumbfounded when we found girls donning high heels wearing really short and skimpy mini skirt on WINTER!! Isn't that crazy? Anyway..they have their boyfriends to hug them, not a big problem ehehe.
  4. Shower only before sleep - Maybe this was influenced by the weather. It's not their norm to shower many times in a day like in the humid and warm Malaysia. As my Korean friend explained, before they sleep they must clean themselves. The next day, they just wake up and make up..heheh. 
  5. Eat dogs and larvae - experience? I stayed with a friend in Yeoju, they offered me meat. I told them that I don't eat meat in Korea. They said I was missing out because the meat they ate was special? How special? The meat could give them extra energy. It was DOG's meat and I had no reaction. I couldn't express myself. Not a single word coming out from my mouth. I pity the doggie you see. How can they do that to a cute and playful doggie? Another one is sundae, but was not surprised on this one because Sarawakian also eat this slimy, whitish larvae. But the one in Korea was so stinky but I still gathered my courage to try it. It tasted like smoky wood. Ack!
  6. Change towel everyday - When Mi Hyeon visited my hometown, she was given a huge towel to use for about a week. The look on her face at that moment was unreadable. I asked her why? She said she needs to change towel everyday. In Santisuk, I did that because the towel was small about the size for wiping your sweat (like the towel in Jjimjilbang, if you watch Korean drama). Furthermore, they always wash the towel in boiling water. Talk about being hygiene!!
  7. Unreadable weather - The weather was crazy. Don't ever forget to bring your jumper if you are in spring or autumn. Nearing the end of autumn, just bring your winter jacket. You will not regret it. The harsh wind in autumn changes the weather into winter-like weather.
  8. Wear socks all the time - Korean house use floor-warming method to warm the whole house during winter. During spring the floor is still warm but weather was not so. Due to that, I decided not to wear the socks resulting to continous stares from the ahjummas visiting Santisuk. Aigoo..I felt naked for a while; without socks I mean. ^^ 
  9. Elders eat first - Wait! Hold your chopsticks! If the elderly or the eldest in the family doesn't start eating, chances are you can't eat yours too. Not yet. Korean adheres much to Confucius teaching. Confucianism is a Chinese ethical and philosophical system developed from the teachings of the Chinese philosopher Confucius (Kǒng Fūzǐ, or K'ung-fu-tzu, lit. "Master Kong", 551–478 BC). It is a complex system of moral, social, political, philosophical, and quasi-religious thought that has had tremendous influence on the culture and history of East Asia. It might be considered a state religion of some East Asian countries, because of governmental promotion of Confucian philosophies.Source: Wikipedia
  10. Don't say bye when they end phones conversation - This baffled me a lot when I called my Korean friends and I thought I was still in the conversation but they thought otherwise. Normally, they will end it with 'Ye' or 'Ne'

Why culture shock existed?
  • People's perception of what is right and what is wrong
  • Differences of belief, culture, lifestyle and language
  • Geographically different, skin color

How to prevent culture shock?
  • Learn, unlearn and relearn about other cultures 
  • Find as much information as possible ahead before you go
  • Learn the language
  • Mix with Natives
  • Immerse Korean lifestyle and culture into daily life
  • Open mind and good attitude
Check out this interesting read about culture shock in Korea here.

What about you? Any culture shock experience when you travelled overseas? Share with me! ^^

Ski Resorts in South Korea : Gangwondo

My favourite season will always be autumn but winter is no better. Most Malaysians dream of going to Korea because of Hallyu wave, thanks to Bae Yong Jun from Winter Sonata 겨울 연가 and to experience different season, of course. ^^

As my friend Yani once told me; "I want to see snow in Christmas!". She had it lucky because surprisingly it snowed on Christmas 2009. White Christmas!! She was amazed and imitated Choi Ji Woo in Winter Sonata, opening her palm waiting for the first snow.

If you want to experience winter in Korea, I bet that it won't be perfect without skiing or snowboarding at any one of these famous resorts. There are two famous provinces to visit during winter in South Korea:  Gangwon-do and Gyeonggi-do. Most of the ski resorts are located here.

For now, this post will explain about Ski resorts in Gangwon-do only. Another post will cover Gyeonggi-do's.

Yongpyong Ski Resort

This is one of the filming locations for Winter Sonata. Yu-jin's company, Polaris, and Min-hyeong's (Kang Jun Sang) company sign a contract to work on the same design project at the Dragon Valley Ski Resort. The resort offers a tour for Winter Sonata fan. You can check the details here.

Click the link below for:
Official site
Rental price
Lift price
Lesson price
Resort guide map
Accommodation Reservation : Hotel

How to go:
By Shuttle Bus
Daewon Express Bus(=Purple ski bus),Tel. 82-2-575-7710, 82-2-2201-7710 (ENGLISH)
0900 - at Lotte Mart, Gate#4 of Jamsil Station (Subway Line 2)
1300 -  Gate#2 of Sports Complexs Station(Subway Line 2) - Sunday Only

One Way ₩ 15,000(Adult) / ₩ 12,000(Child)
Round Trip ₩ 28,000(Adult) / ₩ 22,000(Child)

By Public Express Bus from Seoul
Take a bus from Gangbyeon Station (Line 2) to Hwenggye
Donghae Express Bus - Eastern Seoul Terminal (02-458-4854~7)
One way        ₩ 15,000(Adult)

From Hwenggye Bus Terminal, take free shuttle bus to Yongpyong Resort (12 times a day / 10 min ride)
* 4:40am, 5:40am, 6:30am, 7:30am, 8:10am, 10:30am, 12:00am, 2:00pm, 4:20pm, 5:30pm, 11:30pm

Phoenix Ski Resort 

The resort offers a total of seventeen slopes, four of which are approved by the FIS (International Ski Federation), and has superb snow quality. Particularly popular is the ‘Panorama Slope’, which is an impressive 2.2km long and has an average width of 46meters. Eight ski lifts, state-of-the-art gondolas, and six conveyer belts transport visitors around the park quickly and efficiently.

Click the link below for:
Official site
Accommodation : Youth Hostel , Condo, Hotel

How to go:
Express, Public Bus
Dong Seoul - Jangpyeong 6:20AM-6:55PM (departs every 30min)

Nearby Tourism Attractions
Odaesan (Woljeongsa Temple) - I visited this temple when I Wwoofed in Santisuk, Jinbu. Check out my post here.

Gangwon Folk Museum, Jeongdongjin Beach, Gyeongpodae Beach, etc.

1- I recommend renting a motel/guesthouse near Yongpyong area. You could rent a 50,000 won motel per night and accommodate 5 to 6 people inside. Depends on your comfortability level. For me, it's all about enjoying snowboarding/skiing that matters most. Sleep comes second. ^^ 

2- There are lots of ski/snowboard rental shops around Yongpyong area and they offer cheaper rental rate than the resort.

3- Normally the ski/snowboard rental shops offer free shuttle van to the resort if you rent equipments with them. Just ask the counter for the free lift. 

4- Don't forget to bring a few chocolate bars with you. When you slide down the slopes you will be hungry in no time especially in cold weather.

5- If you have a Korean friend, they could get the lift/admission and rental price cheaper using their Korean credit cards up to 40-50% off. 

Adhoc Budget : A group tour budget (5-6 people) 
*assuming that you don't need ski/snowboard lesson ~50,000 won

Bus Seoul (Return) to Yeongpyong - 24,000 won
A night stay in motel/guesthouse - 20,000 won
Breakfast/Lunch/Dinner - 30,000 won
Rental (Day + Night) - 35,000 won
Lift (whole day) - 90,000 won
Estimated Total : ~199,000 won per person

Buy snowboarding equipments from Gmarket.
AsiaNews about Snowboarding in Korea
Check out reviews from snowboarders who had visited the resorts: Andrewaka22

Yongin Folk Village

I went to Yongin Folk Village during Chuseok 2009. Chi Won's parents dropped me off in front of the Yongin's Folk Village's gate before they drove off to meet their relatives during Chuseok. I wished Chi Won could come along but she had to work!! Being a doctor is just too hard..bla bla bla.

This place is huge. You may need at least 3-4 hours to appreciate it. One of the reasons is because the performances are done as scheduled and if you miss any one of them, then they won't have a repeat. I was lucky because I could see people making Korean rice cake - songpyeon traditionally and at the same time filled my stomach! I could still remember the taste till now. Makes me wanna run to any Korean restaurant now and ask them to make me one.*salivating*

The entrance to Yongin's Folk Village.

Souvenir shops

Drying peppers

The peppers taste sweeter than other peppers I had tasted before.
Recently I tried using Babas pepper powder to make kimchi but
the taste was weird. I should get the pepper powder from Korean
Supermarket in Ampang instead.
고추 = gochu  = pepper 
고추 가루  = gochu garu = pepper powder

A totem pole that is supposed to ward off evil spirits. Normally
it comes in pairs - a male and a female totem pole.

Write down your wish/es on a paper and tie it on the rope.

Wanted! Anyone saw this man?
Is that what it says? Hardly understood the hanja. ㅋㅋㅋ
ㅋㅋㅋ =  hehehe..

Roof from rice straw. Some of the houses used that back then.

An upgraded one, using wood.

Dutiful son monument...hmm. What about daughter?

Yut game

Dried vegetables for winter.

Kids trying their hands on songpyeon.

The ahjumma was cleaning the rice and cook it traditionally.

Gdragon look alike toddler.  ㅋㅋㅋ

The sign of early autumn.

Making thread.

Samulnori performance.

Wow! I wish I have a video camera at that moment.

Another interesting performance. The audience couldn't stop
laughing when the grandfather talked. I wonder what he told
them. Hmmm...

A shop selling Korean traditional paper. 

The man was making a piece of paper.

The lady used Korean traditional paper to complete the doll.

Lee Jun Ki's The Man and The King's filming location. 

Daejanggeum (Jewel of the Palace)'s filming location.

Filming Location: Daejanggeum (Jewel of the palace) , The Man and the King

Open: From 0900 to 1830, time may change between seasons.

12,000 won / inclusive of Museum is 15,000 won / full package is 18,000 won
Full Package: Includes fees for Admission, Korean Traditional Haunted House, Folk Village & World Folklore Village, Facilities in the Family Park

How to Go:
1- From Exit No. 6 of Gangnam Subway Station (Seoul Subway Line No. 2) or Exit No. 7 or Yangjae Subway Station (Seoul Subway Line No. 7), take City Express Bus No. 1560 or 5000-1 and get off at Korean Folk Village (30-40 minute ride).

2- At Jamsil Subway Station (Subway Line No. 2) take City Express Bus No. 1116. (one hour and 10-20 minute ride)

Official Website: Korean Folk Village
Information Source: KNTO

Why not equip yourself with Korean survival phrases before you go? It has helped me a lot and it should be the same for you too. ^^ Get Lonely Planet Korean Survival Phrases book to accompany you in Korea.

Happy Chuseok 2010!

To all my Korean friends,

I want to wish Happy Chuseok!! Wishing you and your family for health, happiness, prosperity and wealth through out the year till the next Chuseok. Enjoy your holiday and drive safely!

즐거운 추석 보내세요!


Check my post here to know how I celebrated Chuseok 2009~arghh..I miss my songpyeon. Nyumm...nyummm..

P/S: Chuseok (Korean: 추석), originally known as Hangawi (한가위) (from archaic Korean for "great middle"), is a major harvest festival and a three-day holiday in Korea celebrated on the 15th day of the 8th month of the lunar calendar. Like many other harvest festivals, it is held around the Autumn Equinox. As a celebration of the good harvest, Koreans visit their ancestral hometowns and share a feast of Korean traditional food such as songpyeon.
Source: Wikipedia