I'm very sad over Park Yong Ha

Today is a very sad day.
One of my favourite Korean actors passed away.
R.I.P Park Yong Ha

I cried over his death just as how his best friend's So Ji Sob cried.
I just couldn't understand and so confused how a person could take one's own life.
I'm so angry and so sad inside.

I am crying with So Ji Sob

Gwanghamun 광화문

Everyone, now I'm here in Malaysia! So these posts are the backdated posts that I haven't published because of time issues and etc.

I went to Gwanghamun around middle of April which was when the cherry blossoms bloomed the most. ^__^ Arghh..I miss the spring weather in Seoul the most when Malaysia is unbelievably hot nowadays which is among the reasons why I don't want to be in Korea during summer season.

Gwanghamun (Hangul: 광화문; Hanja: 光化門) is the main and largest gate of Gyeongbokgung Palace, located in Seoul, South Korea. As a landmark and symbol of Seoul's long history as the capital city during the Joseon Dynasty, the gate has gone through multiple periods of destruction and disrepair. Recent restoration work on the gate expected to be finished in October 2010. (Source: Wikipedia)

The main road in Gwanghamun area felt like I was in Shibuya; albeit a very tiny similarity between both of them. Yet, another place that I miss to visit again someday. The main road is so big with both the great King Sejong statue and Admiral Lee Sun Sin 이순신 in the middle of it. 

The direction to Sejong road.

Take exit 5, Gwanghamun Station, Purple Line

I walked very slowly towards the area and passed 
by a line of changing guards. They probably were 
heading towards Gyeongbok Palace.

The mountain behind gave away a surreal effect to 
the statues.I guess there might be some feng shui 
belief there.

Admiral Lee Sun Sin (April 28, 1545 – December 16, 1598, Korean: 이순신, Hanja: 李舜臣) was a Korean naval commander noted for his victories against the Japanese navy during the Japanese invasions of Korea (1592-1598) in the Joseon Dynasty.(Source: Wikipedia)

I was here during weekdays so the crowd
was not so hectic. 

A miniature of the turtle ship. I went to a bigger one
in Tongyeong around October 2009.

They were tourists from China mostly. The great 
King Sejong statue was just behind the Admiral
Lee Sun Sin statue.

Zarina (Anna) and the king..hehe. Could you 
spot me?

The king up close.

Sejong the Great (May 7, 1397 – May 18, 1450, r. 1418 – 1450) was the fourth king of the Joseon Dynasty of Korea. He is best remembered for creating the Korean alphabet Hangul, despite strong opposition from the scholars educated in hanja (Chinese script). Sejong is one of only two Korean rulers posthumously honored with the appellation "the Great," the other being Gwanggaeto the Great of Goguryeo. (Source: Wikipedia)

 King Sejong Memorial Hall which I decided not to
go. Why? Hmm..because someone will bring me to
Icheon to visit King Sejong's grave? Another post on
that one, I promise. ^_^

I stopped by at Haechi Madang. Haechi represents
Korea's mythical folktale character and one of the 
symbols of Seoul, located under Gwanghwamun Plaza.

 I couldn't figure out this Haechi Seoul. Could you?

This one was cute. A good souvenir to bring home.

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