CNBlue said Assalamualaikum

I can't stop laughing when Yong Hwa said "Assalamualaikum" at 1:54 and Jung Shin said it too. I bet Jong Hyun held his laugh like crazy in there.^^

CNBlue = Love

The interview is meant for their arab fans. Sorry, It is not subbed in English. However, drooling is permitted, anytime. ^^

Jinbu Outing

Nandida had visitors from Seoul; Mr Lee's family from Songpa-gu on the weekend but Andy and me insisted to explore Jinbu eventhough the weather today felt like winter. I wish to see the cherry blossoms this spring but it seems so bleak now. Aigoo..

The snow drizzled lightly when we walked out of the house. We were glad that it was not so cold cause there's no strong breeze. After a few metres walking, we hitchhiked with a guy and a couple of his friends partly enroute to Jinbu. The guy planned to visit a mineral spa nearby so he could drop us to the nearest bus stop. We walked until the end of the junction and hitchhiked again with an old man with a cute dog named Gami. Apparently he is a pharmacist working in Jinbu and his English was pretty fluent. He lived in Los Angeles about 4 months when he was young.

I know..I know..we were just damn bored being at home and braved this 
winter like weather. It's already 27th March for God sake. I want spring!!

Why oh why the weather is so cold?!! Grrr...

We dropped by at this small restaurant to eat mandu 
and Jjin ppang (red bean bun).

Steaming buns and mandu..yummy.

jjin ppang = red bean bun = pau kacang merah (in Malaysia)

Free promotion for jjin ppang ^^

This is the place..(near J Mart)

Later, we had some odeng (fish paste) and bungoppang (fish shaped red bean cookies)

A small city but not so bad.

We visited a small fish market.

Dried salted fish

We found a small cafe at the corner of the road 
for a sip of caffe' latte

A very cute boy.
We met a white guy!! He's from New York and currently 
teaching English at Jinbu Elementary School. We met him twice. 
Once when we asked him if he knew any bookshop around Jinbu
cause Andy wanted some postcards to send back home and the
second time was at Jinbu Bus Terminal cause he's leaving for
Seoul and we were waiting for bus to Lee Seung Bok Memorial.
Yeah..this world is small or perhaps Jinbu is..hehe

Jinbu Bus Terminal

Mangosteen gummy.

The bus to Lee Seung Bok Memorial - one way is 1,550 won.


Woljeong Temple or Woljeongsa

We went to Woljeongsa and after that met a korean painter, Mr Sol Bong. He gave a pretty korean tradional writing and honoured me with a korean name- Jarim. Jarim means burgundy forest. I love that name. ^^

Woljeongsa is a head temple of the Jogye Order of Korean Buddhism, located on the eastern slopes of Odaesan in Pyeongchang County, Gangwon Province, South Korea. Woljeongsa was founded in 643 by the Silla monk Jajang.Burned down and rebuilt a number of times, the last disaster was during the Korean War (1950-1953), when about ten buildings were burnt down by the Korean Army because it had become a refuge for the rebel forces. Source: Wikipedia

I had a video from Panya of our trip but I couldn't upload any video anymore from Blogspot. Google has focused only on Youtube for uploading of videos but what happened when I am not a resident of Korea?
I was slapped with this instead - We have voluntarily disabled this functionality on because of the Korean real-name verification law. What the heck was that?? Hankyoreh's answer is here.

Aigoo..I have to upload this from Malaysia T_T could marvel on the still pictures instead.

In Jinbu, picking up some Maxwell coffee

Andy with the coffee shop lady

Entrance to Weoljongsa

Love the river behind me

Pannya and Andy

We had lunch at the cafeteria.

Yup..all vegetables and loving it ^^

Andy with his fans.


..and after.

the tiles.

Inside the temple

We didn't drink it.


We visited a talented korean painter.

 We drank flower tea, but I'm not sure what it is. I thought it 
was chrysanthemum and it gave bitter after taste.

This is my favourite. It means good day.

Korean Rice Cake 떡 Class

Today we made injolmi, korean rice cake coated in nut powder. Injolmi is not really one of my favourite, but I don't care. I am happy as long as I could satisfy my fetish of Korean rice cake. We have a korean rice cake master hailed from Busan - Mr Lee.

The ingredients:
glutinous rice
sesame oil
nut powder
mugwort powder

Me and my workers..hehe. From Left: Hyun Bin ssi, Andy, Nandida, Me and Nandida's aunt.

Mr Lee, the master chef preparing the tools to make injolmi

The first swing

The second swing

 The third swing from Chef Andy

Mine is the fourth, the pestle is so heavy!!

Nandida was the fifth

Nandida's aunt was the sixth

Hyun Bin ssi was the seventh

Haein was the eighth

Added some mugwort powder for the second portion

Mr Lee taking some of the injolmi to coat with the nut powder

Covering the rice cake with nut powder

Cutting it to bite size


Proud of their hard work!!

Chef Andy preparing more. Compare the size of his helper..hehe

Drinking korean traditional tea, wearing an apron with a quirky hat..Perfect!! ^^

Finally, my own sweet time with my injolmi and a cup of couldn't be better.