Joy's puppies

I love Bun Sok's food

Making mandu from kimchi and tofu.

The kimchi jar in a secret room..hehe.

One of Bun Sok's tasty invention.
It is from radish..yummy.

Sorting out the red beans or phat.

Eating tangerine and drinking mughwa tea while sorting the beans.

Bun Sok used this machine to make a dough for sujebi.

This is how you make sujebi.

The gochu garu mix for sujebi.

Whole radish kimchi.


Joy Farm for the second time

Why??? Because I love this couple and miss the place so much!!

Pusan National University, Busan

CK and me visited his university before I leave Busan. We went up to the hill and visited a buddhist temple inside the university. Later he prayed there cause he would be having a job interview in Seoul in the evening.

Very cute buddhist statue near the temple.

Miahaha..near the bus. I wish my university has this kinda bus.

Pooh + Shrek weird!

A cute dog at the restaurant we went.

I ate kalguksu. Yummy...the food in the university was cheap.

We love this restaurant. So unique and pleasant scenery.

Later we visited Sallim club - I wore a hat for their performance.

CK performed Samulnori seriously with his junior for me.

A statue built by Sallim club.

The road that CK likes during autumn.

We donated for UNICEF here. 100 won equals to 3 bananas for this poor african country.

This is my deja-vu. I have dreamt of this place like months ago before I came to South Korea.
Hmm..why here of all place?? I wonder why...Should I continue my study in this university??

At the main gate of Pusan University.

I love autumn!! We collected some gingko leaves here for memory.

The zebra crossing that always make me confused.

Pusan University shuttle bus.

Mcdonalds in Hangul. The lunch set costs only 3,500 won for fillet o fish. Cheap!! Starbucks where I failed to surf internet here. T_T

Tumuli Park and Anapji Pond, Gyeongju

I walked to the Anapji pond which was around 300m from the National Museum of Gyeongju.

Admission was 1,000 won.

Ice box?

A filming location of Queen Seongdok

The observatory at Tumuli Park

The huge tombs.

I walked from Tumuli Park to the Express terminal for about 20 minutes. An ahjumma was so kind and showed me the direction in Gyeongju accent. (which I understood very little..hehe)