Cheonggyecheon Stream in the morning

After hiking the Namsan tower..arghh..I decided to check out Cheonggyecheon stream. It was really relaxing to walk along the path and enjoying the stream and viewing different structure of bridges along the course.

I took a yellow bus from the Namsan tower and later transit with a blue bus to Cheonggyecheon as advised by a very kind retired professor. He speaks english fluently and even praises about Malaysia because his wife has been to Malaysia many times.

When I reached City Hall, a rush of feeling swept me as if I was in Shinjuku, Japan. It was the same feeling. The city is soooooooooooo huge. A Metropolis. Hmm..if I can compare it with Malaysia, it is like standing in the middle of Putrajaya goverment buildings.

Road heading to Cheonggyecheon

Cheonggyecheon no

I don't know what they were doing but so pretty!

Before you enter Cheonggyecheon, you will see this statue.

The first path leading to Cheonggyecheon.

The first stream.

Will come here again in November with Tut and Hanim for the peak autumn season at night. It's gonna be awesome!!

People having picnic.
The water is so clear.

I was able to walk until Dongdaemun cause my feet was dem tired! It was only halfway of the whole route.

My tired feet crossing the stream.

Namsan Tower

The day was cloudy in the morning around 16 degrees celcius and I love the feeling.

My aim today was to scale the mountain by walking. I was disappointed with myself on that decision...a bit later. The memory of hiking HK island was a nightmare enough but..agagaga..I just didn't listen to myself!

From Yaksu station, exit 8, I walked along the main road and Shilla Hotel on my left. Met a very cute korean lady wearing braces. She showed me the way to Namsan tower. I crossed the road after Donguk station and turned left up towards the hill.

Saw this Supyogyo bridge on my right.

Supyogyo bridge
Yu Gwan Sun's statue after Supyogyo Bridge.
Then Korea Independence Tower

National theater of Korea walking path.

Then, I saw this sign - Namsan Gongwon (Namsan park) and turned right.

National Theater of Korea. After this, I just do a lot of walking ^^ until I reach halfway and rest a while to take Seoul's view from above.

Seoul's view from top

I stopped here for a rest

Another 1 km, yeay!!

A few yellow buses left me behind. The fare will be around 400won. I will take the bus next time.

Yellow bus.

Rest room before reaching Namsan Tower


Namsan Tower

The flying man

Cold stone? Hmm.. a strange name for a cafe

For Rain's fan -- Believe in Rain

Vandalized bench.

Big heart-shaped lock. I wonder if the couple still around? Ngehehe

I like this, a safe box lock in pink!

Me and fatima. She's married to a Malaysian from Kuala Terengganu. A very nice family!

Me with locks! face is so chubby. Nevermind..I will get slim here from scaling the hills in Seoul and plus I can't eat non-halal meat.

Tree of locks.

Winter Sonata - Kang Jun Sang's office

I met this place by chance. As I went along the route to Namsan Tower from Yaksu station, I saw a big banner of Bae Yong Jun and Choi Ji Woo. Hmm..I was curious though I really hate that Yoo Jin's character. Can she stop crying for one second? offense to die hard fans of Winter Sonata. Just that I feel the crying scene is too much for my heart to handle.

If you want to go here, get out from exit 8 and follow the main road until you see Shilla Hotel on your left. You can't miss it. The banner is gigantic!!

So, please replay your Winter Sonata drama now! Hahaha..